Through the BERA Area Recruiting, BERA institutions cooperate in a joint postdoctoral recruiting process. The recruiting process, which is administered by BERA staff, is synchronized with the international economics job market and follows its procedural conventions. Every year, a BERA team attends international conferences, especially the American Economic Association Meetings, for pre-selection interviews. The pre-selected candidates then give research presentations in Berlin that are attended by members of the BERA Committee and other senior faculty from BERA institutions. In addition to this yearly effort, the BERA Area Recruiting participates in recruiting activities for positions with timelines that are incompatible with the annual international market.

The director of the BERA Area Recruiting is Georg Weizsäcker (HU Berlin).

How to Join BERA

Associates hired through BERA Recruiting

Candidates apply to one of the BERA positions through the centralized recruiting process organized by BERA through the annual job market. Once you are accepted for a position, you immediately become a member of the BERA network.

Associates already employed by a BERA member institution

If you are interested in joining the BERA program you need to submit an application to the BERA committee, which meets twice a year (in spring and autumn).

Applications consist of the following documents and should be submitted to Andrea Bawamia (

  • Academic CV, including list of publications
  • Research statement (max. two pages)
  • Two short reference letters supporting your admission to BERA. Referees should send their letters directly to Andrea Bawamia