Jan works at DIW

Jan Marcus

Applied econometrics education economics health economics


My interest lies in identifying causal effects in situations when random experiments are not an option due to ethical, financial and political reasons. My cumulative PhD thesis investigates the causal effect of different factors (job loss, partner’s unemployment, maternal education, an alcohol control policy) on health. Currently I look at the consequences of several education reforms in Germany (expansion of all-day schools, "G8-reform").

Before I joined DIW Berlin in September 2009, I studied Political and Administrative Science (Bachelor) as well as Economics (Master) in Konstanz and Istanbul.  My work is accepted for publication in various international peer-reviewed journals (like Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Economica and the Review of Economics of the Household) and was awarded with the ALLBUS Young Scholar Award in 2010 and a Best Paper Price at the Warsaw International Economic Meeting in 2012. Since 2013 I am fellow of the College for Interdisciplinary Educational Research and since October 2015 I hold an assistant professorship at the University of Hamburg