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Alexander Zerrahn

Energy and environmental economics renewable energy applied operations research applied econometrics


I am a postdoctoral researcher at DIW Berlin, department Energy, Transportation, Environment. I studied economics in Tübingen and Copenhagen and received my PhD from TU Berlin.

My research focuses on energy and environmental economics. I apply methods from OR and microeconometrics to analyze questions around the transition to renewable energies.

I am a lecturer for renewable electricity economics at HTW Berlin.

Research - Published Papers

Power-to-heat for renewable energy integration: A review of technologies, modeling approaches, and flexibility potentials
Applied Energy 212, 1611–1626

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On the economics of electrical storage for variable renewable energy sources
European Economic Review 108, 259–279

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Does the presence of wind turbines have negative externalities for people in their surroundings? Evidence from well-being data
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Wind Power and Externalities
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Coordinating Cross-Country Congestion Management: Evidence from Central Europe
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Network expansion to mitigate market power
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On the representation of demand-side management in power system models
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Benefits of coordinating congestion management in electricity transmission networks: Theory and application to Germany
Utilities Policy 37, 34-35

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Die Energiewende wird nicht an Stromspeichern scheitern
DIW aktuell 11

Schill, Zerrahn, von Hirschhausen, Kemfert (2018)

Wind power: mitigated and imposed external costs and other indirect economic effects
DIW Roundup 111

Zerrahn (2017)

Decentralized solar prosumage with battery storage: system orientation required
DIW Economic Bulletin 12+13/2017

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Power Storage: An Important Option for the German Energy Transition
DIW Economic Bulletin 10/2015

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Bereitstellung von Regelleistung durch Elektrofahrzeuge: Modellrechnungen für Deutschland im Jahr 2035
Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft 40, 73–87

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Distributional Effects of System Integration and Qualitative Discussion of Implications for Stakeholders
In: Ea, DTU and DIW (2015): Increased Integration of the Nordic and German Electricity Systems. Modelling and Assessment of Economic and Climate Effects of Enhanced Electrical Interconnection and the Additional Deployment of Renewable Energies (Full Version). Study on behalf of Agora Energiewende and Global Utmaning.

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