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BSE Insights on the Corona Crisis

In these days, our first and foremost concern is people’s health. It is, however, also important to understand the various economic aspects and consequences of the Corona crisis. They are closely intertwined with health issues.

On this page, junior and senior researchers of the Berlin School of Economics provide short texts with scientific content that is relevant for the crisis. The target audience are researchers, students, policy makers, and the interested public.


Levent Neyse, Christian Reiter, Alexandar Zaklan

BSE Team

Peter Haan, Levent Neyse, Christian Reiter, Anja Schöttner, Hannes Ulrich, Georg Weizsäcker, Alexandar Zaklan


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Insights by BSE Researchers

The Face Mask Debate: Do we Need to be Afraid of Risk Compensation?

Jana Friedrichsen (HU Berlin and WZB Berlin) and Yiming Liu (HU Berlin)

Financial resilience and the Covid-19 pandemic: The importance of financial literacy in times of crisis

Jana Hamdan (DIW Berlin and HU Berlin) and Melanie Koch (DIW Berlin)

The macroeconomics of pandemics: A progress report

Michael Burda (HU Berlin)

Day care centre closures due to COVID-19 and parental time use in Germany

Jonas Jessen (DIW Berlin), Sevrin Waights (DIW Berlin) and C. Katharina Spieß (DIW Berlin)

How effective were monetary policy measures in response to the corona crisis?

Kerstin Bernoth (DIW Berlin and Hertie School) and Geraldine Dany-Knedlik (DIW Berlin)

Expectations and Covid-19 policy announcements

Peter Haan (DIW Berlin), Andreas Peichl (ifo Institute), Annekatrin Schrenker (DIW Berlin), Georg Weizsäcker (HU Berlin), and Joachim Winter (LMU München)

Tracking R of COVID-19

Simas Kucinskas (HU Berlin)

Corona and physical distancing of the elderly population – Long-term care arrangements demand special attention

Björn Fischer (DIW Berlin)

How will (wo)men respond to competition in COVID times?

Stefano Piasenti (HU Berlin and DIW Berlin) and Marica Valente (HU Berlin and DIW Berlin)

Air pollution exacerbates mortality during pandemics

Johanna Arlinghaus (TU Berlin and MCC Berlin) and Angelika Vogt (HU Berlin)

Will Covid-19 set the stage for new mergers in the digital world? Time for antitrust authorities to lend special attention to the role of data.

Maximilian Schäfer (TU Berlin and DIW Berlin)

Behavioral implications of imposing fines on social distancing measures

Muhammed Bulutay (TU Berlin)

The effects of school closures and of public transportation shut-downs on transmission rates in a virus pandemic

Daniel Kemptner (DIW Berlin)

Warning against a pandemic

Francis de Véricourt (ESMT Berlin)

Spread of preventive health information needs to outrun COVID-19

Puja Singhal (DIW Berlin and FU Berlin)

The global macroeconomic impact of epidemic shocks

Malte Rieth (DIW Berlin)

Handlungsfähigkeit der Kommunen in der Corona-Krise sichern (German)

Ronny Freier (DIW Berlin und TH Wildau) und René Geissler (Bertelsmann Stiftung)

Tax relief in the time of corona: Immediacy is key

Karina Körösi (HU Berlin) and Ralf Maiterth (HU Berlin)

Economic policy and financial market expectations during Covid-19

Stephanie Ettmeier (DIW Berlin and FU Berlin), Chi Hyun Kim (DIW Berlin), Alexander Kriwoluzky (DIW Berlin and FU Berlin)

The emission drop due to COVID-19 does not substitute for climate policy

Aleksandar Zaklan (DIW Berlin)

Female employment in the time of corona

Müge Süer (HU Berlin)

Lotteries over time

Georg Weizsäcker (HU Berlin)

The importance of (non-selective) testing for understanding the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic

Shan Huang (DIW Berlin and University of Copenhagen)

Health and recessions

Peter Haan (DIW Berlin and FU Berlin)

Euro bonds and moral hazard

Zarko Kalamov (TU Berlin)

Systemrelevant und dennoch kaum anerkannt: Das Lohn- und Prestigeniveau unverzichtbarer Berufe in Zeiten von Corona (German)

Josefine Koebe (DIW Berlin and Universität Hamburg), Claire Samtleben (DIW Berlin), Annekatrin Schrenker (DIW Berlin) und Aline Zucco (DIW Berlin)

A prime example of policy uncertainty

Georg Weizsäcker (HU Berlin)

Please also see the related lists of contributions by WZB and DIW Berlin

Further Resources on External Sites

Social scientists have much to contribute in the multi-faceted debates on how to solve the challenges posed by the Corona crisis. Similar to this page, many other institutions and researchers worldwide have been actively publishing research and commentary relevant for the policy discussion. On this page we link to all websites we have discovered so far. Feel free to suggest further content by sending an e-mail to