• BERA: Berlin Economics Research Associates

  • PhD Program at the Berlin School of Economics

    The next application period starts in fall 2020.

  • BSE Insights on the Corona Crisis

    In these days, our first and foremost concern is people’s health. It is, however, also important to understand the various economic aspects and consequences of the Corona crisis. These are closely intertwined with our health. Researchers of the Berlin School of Economics provide short texts with scientific content that is relevant for the crisis. The target audience are researchers, students, policy makers, and the interested public.


24. June 2021

29. June 2021

Ludwig Straub (Harvard University)
A Goldilocks Theory of Fiscal Policy
Schumpeter BSE Macro Seminar

30. June 2021

Brown Bag Seminar HU Berlin
Berliner Forschungskolloquium …
To be announced
To be announced
Mathematical Statistics Semina…

01. July 2021

Yan Chen | University of Michigan
To be announced
Berlin Behavioral Economics Co…